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Inner Silence

Inner Silence

It is not easy to keep the inner silence in the turmoil of a day and everyday routine, under the work pressure, under the influence of our own emotions or emotions of people around us. Every minute brings a new situation which forces us to react, absorb it and focus on a solution or our responce. We get influenced by media, by opinions of other people or circumstances and problems which we are facing.

Like a tree, we sometimes stand firmly rooted in the earth and sometimes we follow the wind in its dance and a connection with the nature and surroundings, like a tree when its branches swing in the wind, while its roots keep the firm stability.

It ´s sometimes so pleasant to drift in the rythm of the wind and to share its strength, its dynamics, playfulness, storming energy and to connect our energy with the energy of the nature and our surroundings.

Like in everyday life: our energy merges with energy of the outer world and we all become actors in a play of every day life. We all make an important part of this performance, everybody has his own role, with our reaction we influence the play and decide about its development. We react to the circumstances which arise every minute. We react according to our abilities, according to what we have learnt and where we are at the particular moment. Even if we stand, we play, even if we have a feeling we are not playing, we are playing. Its our emotions, thoughts, moods which take part in the play.

In spite of that I sometimes long for hiding myself from the ‚play‘, to stop for a while and to look inside me to see if I am still playing my role well, according to my values and convictions, if I am still in tune with the person I am and I want to be.

Ok, I may not be able to hide myself completly, because even if I imerse into my inner silence, I am here, I am still a part of the world and the world is a part of me. But this inner silence makes me connected with something which is above everything. I can connect with my values, with myself, with my life path, directions which I feel is right for me and in tune with my consciousness, intentions and my inner guidance.

There are many ways how to reach inner silence – my way is connected with yoga. Yoga helps me to connect with something which is bigger than me, something which goes beyond the limits, touches the depth and the inner Self.

Regular yoga practicing can teach us how to reach a quiet state of mind. It harmonizes the body, chakras and meridians and contributes to the overall well-being.

When practicing yoga, you will slowly learn that you can practice yoga everywhere, in a forest, at home, on a beach or in the middle of a city. You can practice it even if you don´t have a mat with you. Yoga is about the state of mind, you can reach this quiet mode of your mind anywhere, in a silence of a forest, in a overcrowded tram or in the middle of a busy city.

Stanislav Bříza
text: Olga Hladová